About me

I am Hannah Helmers, a Norwegian linguist and language geek, fascinated by phonology, grammar, etymology, writing systems and the history of languages.  I am also fond of comparative linguistics.

Norwegian is my native language, and I have lived in Norway most of my life. I have taught Norwegian to foreigners. In my master thesis, written in Spanish, I compared Spanish and Norwegian phonology. Read it here. I love Norwegian dialects, to the extent that when moving away from Oslo, one of the main reasons I chose to move where I now live is because I love the dialect!

English is my second language. I am half English, and I have family members in England. I lived one year in the United States as an exchange student when I was 17 years old, living with an American family. I have taught English in upper secondary school.

Other languages..
In high school I learned French and Italian in addition to English, and I studied Spanish and a bit of Portuguese at the university. I have lived in Spain, and taught Spanish in Norway. I’ve learned a bit of Arabic and Japanese in my spare time, and enjoy reading about different languages.

Why a blog about Norwegian in English?
I love reading about different languages, and it’s nice to be able to do so without being fluent in that language. There is quite a lot to be found about Norwegian in Norwegian, but not in English. As I want fellow language geeks around the world to be able to read about Norwegian, I decided to go by English, the de facto international language, and a language I’m quite comfortable writing in.

This blog is mainly about the linguistic aspects of Norwegian.


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