The purpose of norskere

Norskere is a comperative of the adjective norsk, which means Norwegian. Norskere means «more Norwegian»,  in the same way easier means «more easy».

I have previously worked as a Norwegian teacher, and I wrote a master thesis about some of the phonological difficulties immigrants typically face when learning Norwegian, and I wanted to do more to help those learning Norwegian. I hope this page can help you understand some of the details of Norwegian that they never explained to you in Norwegian class. It will hopefully help you speak better Norwegian, both when it comes to your pronunciation and your grammar.

I’m writing this in English to make it accessible to those whose Norwegian is still not advanced enough to understand the explanations in Norwegian. Hopefully it can also give some valuable input to language geeks around the world interested in learning some facts about Norwegian without knowing enough about Norwegian to be able to read articles in Norwegian.

Not all of my terms are explained, and occasionally I use Norwegian words in my examples without translating them or explaining them in English. I advice you to use google translate if there is something you need to have translated.

Norwegians are of course also most welcome to learn more about their own language on this page. Hopefully teachers can find some explanations here as well.

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